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Saturday, January 16, 2010

William the Sniper gives up his bad ways


NEW Year is a time when people make resolutions to quit their bad habits and live better and God-fearing lives.

Some live up to their promises while others do not and fall back to their old ways again, though they make solemn oaths in front of family members, pastors and local leaders.

One such person is William Piam, a notorious criminal in the trouble-torn area of Nebilyer sub district, outside of Mt Hagen city.

Mr Piam, commonly known as 'Sniper' in the area, is the leader behind the planning of hold up, rapes, and looting along the highway between Nebilyer and Mendi, thus painting a bad image for the whole of Nebilyer valley.

Since he left school some 16 year ago, he had no option left and thus opted to live a life that involved terrorizing innocent travelers along the highway, looting cargoes and raping innocent girls and women. Last week he called it quits and turned to God and the local communities for forgiveness.

In a exclusive interview with Sunday Chronicle this week, this most feared young man said he is really sorry for what he has done and begs his local communities, leaders and God for forgiveness.

He also extends his apologizes to those who have been victims of his bad deeds and seeks their forgiveness and begs them to forget what has happened to them.

A remorseful Mr. Piam added that his past years were like he has been living in a prison camp with no freedom of movement and time to spend with his family.

He also regrets that as a young man in the village, he has miss other opportunities of venturing into micro businesses like others, adding that it was not too late to start now that he wanted to look forward to the bright future ahead and never to look back.

This now also sends a message of peace for commuters along the Nebilyer and Mendi portion of the national highway who travel with fear in case of intimidation by criminals both day and night when reaching that particular section of the highway.

Village leader and local councilor Paias Pekep heaped praise on Mr Paim for making the right decision for his future in the New Year.

A proud Mr Pekep said crime and tribal fighting have tarnished the good image of once peaceful Nebilyer valley, adding that now is the time to bring back the glory days and his decision was the start of good things to come in the years ahead.

The former president of Nebilyer Local Level Government Council said since the on going tribal fights between the two warring tribes, Kuglas and Ulga/Ukupas have subsided some years ago, the only existing activity in the area was road blocks, looting and rape by the criminals.

And he said with the surrender of ring leaders like Mr Piam, other cohorts will follow suit, paving for peace and harmony for the trouble torn valley.

It is also understood that a bigger ceremony including the official surrendering of all criminals with their guns, will be organized at a latter date, with officials from police, government authorities and others to witnessed and seal the occasion.

In the meantime, Mr. Piam is calling upon the general public and commuters to contact him on mobile 71794737 and report on any incidents along the Nebilyer and Mendi section of the highway so that together they can assist to identify and bring to justice those still around.  He added that the highway will be a safe road to travel after the new year and onwards.

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